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Frequently asked questions


Selling / leasing a business

How does 4321 Business work?

Using unique marketing technology, 4321 Business is the only smart system designed to get business sellers (or landlords) & brokers a better price for their business.

4321 Business promotes businesses for sale & lease across hundreds of sites, advertising platforms & social media managed simply from one place.
Businesses on 4321 Business get seen by over 7 million people a month.

What's the deal?

Listing your business is easy, just fill this form to list your business. You can try it for free.

We accept businesses from private sellers / brokers / agents / marketers.

How do I register?

Simply click "ADVERTISE!" / "Sell Your Business" on any listing page & then fill the form.

What's the free trial?

We offer free & paid 'Gold' plans.
Paid Premium 'Gold' plans reach over 10 times more people & get more responses than the free plan.

New users can activate a free trial of any Gold plan.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of 'Gold' free trial, you can pay to continue in the Gold plan or downgrade to free user.

I've found a buyer via 4321 Business, do you charge commission?

No, we do not charge commissions or any selling fees.

What is the Searcher Database?

4321 Business has a massive database of active investors. After joining, your business will automatically be sent to searchers who are looking for businesses like yours.

Can I change / delete my ad?

After placing a your business ad you can change it or delete it whenever you want.

How many pictures can I add?

You can upload 12 pictures & set an exact map.

How many businesses can I list?

Brokers, Agents, marketers & private sellers can list unlimited number of businesses.

I am a broker, do you accept XML feeds?

Yes. Sign up now by listing 1 business then you can send us your feed from your login pages.

Where will my business be shown?

Using our own smart targeting system, we advertise business on search engines, social networks, business sites & other media in over 200 countries, including those in North America & Europe. We reach a huge targeted audiences with a mix of domestic & international.

I am selling my business privately & have found a buyer. Can you help finalize the sale?

Save Agency & Realtor fees.

When you find a buyer we can recommend vetted legal experts to safely finalize your sale for a fixed fee. Contact our team for details.

I have a business listed with a broker, can I still use 4321 Business?

Yes - we have no selling contracts so you can use us to find buyers while listed with a broker / agent.

How will customers contact me?

You will then be notified by email of responses to your business & can access them from your login pages.




Replying to a business ad

How do I contact advertisers?

To find out more details about a business simply click 'Contact' where you see the classified ad & write a message. The advertiser will then get back to you.


What is a 'Business Wanted Alert'?

Let us find your business for you. Using our unique technology, tell us the type of business you want & we will alert owners, brokers and landlords automatically. 'Business Wanted Alerts' maybe created if you contact an advertiser of create an alert. 'business Wanted Alerts' can be deleted from your login pages. Email notification preferences can also be changed from your login pages.


I contacted a business but no one has responded!

Sometimes advertisers take time to respond, or they may ignore inquiries that come from users who are unconfirmed. Contact our team & we will investigate the reason for you.



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