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  • MXN3,900,000
  • Guadalajara
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***commercial real estate/prime real estate: Guadalajara Downtown Parking & More/ Parking Lot***

503,73sqm/ Calzada Independencia 1447

For Sale: Real Estate/ Land and Lot in downtown Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex., at a strong frequented arterial road, wich is used as HSBC Bank´s customer parking lot.
From all the permitted possible uses the parking lot use should be the first choice.
Since more than 15 years this Lot wich serves as parking lot is well known and appreciated by the Bank´s customers and local townsfolk. The parking lot is announced by a HSBC advertising Pylon that is visible from a distance.

* ! ! Due to private reasons priced down From MXN 5020000 To MXN 3900000 ! !

* Estate´s/ Lot´s characteristics: 503,73 sqm in a rectangular format. Corner Lot.
It´s address and entrance is: Calzada Independencia 1447, Centro =downtown , Guadalajara, Jalisco. -Streets: North-South-direction: Calzada Independencia with 17,73m, West- East-direction: Cotopaxi street with 29,00m
Lot´s Borders: In the east with a length of 17,37m adjacent to street `Calzada Independencia`/ In the south with a length of 29,00m adjacent to street `Cotopaxi`/ At the westward side of the Lot adjacent to a property with a length of 17,37m/ At the northern side of the Lot adjacent to a Retailer/ property with a length of 29,00m
On the parking lot there´s a very small cottage, one Room.

* Topography: ground level, ground floor

* Permitted usage for the Real Estate/ Lot: MIXTO: 1. multiplex commercial use AND 2. Residential Use AND 3 mercial and Residential Use

* infrastructural facilities: drinking water pipeline, water pipes, electric hook up, street lighting, telephone network, pavements, urban green spaces including trees, very close to the bus terminal `Macrobús` with many bus lines, 300m distance to the Park `Parque independencia`. 1400m distance to `Hospital Civil Nuevo`/ `Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud`/ `Centro Medico de Occidente`. 3000m distance to Catedral de Guadalajara located in the historic Guadalajara. 1200m distance to the Estadio Jalisco and to the Plaza de Toros. 19km distance to the Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara (Guadalajara Airport). 4km distance to the Zoológico Guadalajara (zoological garden) and to the Planetario (Planetarium).

* MC 4 MIXTO CENTRAL INTENSIDAD ALTA: high number of passersby zonation made by the government .

* Site occupancy index/ plot coverage rate : 0.8

* Floor area ratio FAR / Floor space index FSI : 2.4

* Environment/ neighbourhood overview of the Calzada Independencia Northern part : This is an overview of the environment starting from the parking lot´s entrance following the street `Calzada Independencia` to the north until we hit the junction with the crossing road `Avenida Circunvalación` approx. 350 meters far away:

+ Northward adjacenting there´s a Retailer for automotive parts. Consecutively: the HSBC Bank. Consecutively: car dealership. Consecutively: Burger King with Drive In. Consecutively: Junction. Consecutively: Scotiabank, First Cash pawnbrokerage, jewelry store , Banorte Bank , Credito Familiar.
+ Northern of the main junction `Calzada Independencia` and `Avenida Circunvalación` over the street there´s BBVA Bancomer Bank , office of the airline MEXICANA.
+ At the junction to the east: Santander Bank , Blockbuster Video.
+ At the junction to the west: Pizza Hut restaurant , Medica Alpes
+ From the Lot´s entrance following the street `Calzada Independencia` southward crossing the road `Cotopaxi` there´s a nice residential area and Santander Bank , Banamex Bank .

*) It´s the only Lot/ Parking Lot that is for Sale in this region!

More photos depicting the Real Estate and the neighbourhood as well as a detailed Investment Memorandum/ Sales Particulars in English can be provided if requested by E-mail or contact form.

DEUTSCH/ GERMAN: Zusätzliche Bilder des Grundstuecks und des benachbarten Umfelds, sowie ein detailliertes Exposé auf DEUTSCH zum Grundstück/ Parkplatz/Objekt können bei Nachfrage per E-mail Kontakt gesendet werden.

* * * Terreno-Estacionamiento urbano 503,73M2/ Calzada Independencia 1447 * * *


Calzada Independencia #1447, GDL-centro. Venta de Terreno-Estacionamiento urbano, 503.73 m²
Se vende en una excepcional OFERTA rebajado por recientes razones personales, de $5020000 MXN a sólo $3900000 MXN!

Oferta Única para una excelente inversión, en la Zona Central/ Bancaria/ Comercial /Universitaria. Calzada Independencia #1447 en esquina con Cotopaxi. A 300m del cruce con Av. Circunvalación. Actualmente se renta como estacionamiento al Banco HSBC. (Si se requiere el contrato con el Banco expira en 30 días). Cercania de la estacion del “Macrobus Independencia” con alta afluencia de clientes potenciales.
***commercial real estate/prime real estate: Guadalajara Downtown Parking & More/ Parking Lot***    503,73sqm/ Calzada Independencia 1447    For Sale: Real Estate/ Land and Lot in downtown Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex., at a strong frequented arterial road, wich is used as HSBC Bank´s customer parking lot. ...
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