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Hostel and cafe on sale in Bangkok

USD 80000

For Sale

'Hostel and cafe'





Investment 2400000 THB
It has few rooms. And all rooms have
various facilities. However this
business has multi source to generate
Location is on tourism crowded area
of Silom.
50% can be local Thai tourist and
other 50% can be foreigners.
Total 6 rooms. All rooms have air

Room number 1 has 6 beds. And its all
for male only. Nonattached bathroom.
Per bed can be sold 300 baht/night.
It means 6 bed occupancy in a night
would be 1800 baht/night. Monthly
54000 THB

Room number 2 has has 4 beds. And
its all for female only. Nonattached
bathroom. Per bed can be sold 340
baht/night. It means 4 bed occupancy
in a night would be 1360baht/night.
Monthly 40800 THB

Room number 3 has deluxe bed. But it
does not have attached bathroom too.
And this room can be sold 850
baht/night. Monthly 25500 THB

Room number 4 has deluxe bed. And
it has attached bathroom. And it can
be sold 1290baht/night. Monthly
38700 THB

Room number 5 has deluxe bed with
full furnished/sofa and large space
too. And it can be sold
1300baht/night. Monthly 39000 THB

Room number 6 has single bed. And it
has attached bathroom. But this room
number 6 has guest already for long
term. Guest pays 13000bht/monthly.
So the monthly income from can be
from room rent only
+13000= 211000 only if there is
100% occupancy. If 50% occupancy
than it would be 105500
Other income can be from bar and café.
It has got license to sell liquor. And it
has draft beer too.
Average monthly sales has 60000
From food and beverage there would
be profit average 50%
So profit can be average 30000
Baht/monthly from food and
If you combine ONLY 50% occupancy
income from room rent
30000baht/month from bar and café
than total income would be in a
month 135500Baht/month.

Rent 62000baht/month+ electricity
7000baht/month only if 50%
occupancy + water 1000
baht/month+ salary for 2 staffs
cook and house keeping
So the total expenses in a month
would be 91500baht/month.

Profit would be: Income from 50%
occupancy 135500 expenses 91500
= 44000/month.

This figure is based on 50%
occupancy only. If 100% occupancy
than estimated profit can be
100000baht/monthly .



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