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New Global TV Series for Sale!

USD 75000000

For Sale

'TV Company and TV Series'





First time ever Advertised!

Australian Pty Ltd Music, Film and TV Company and new International Reality TV Series for Sale!

For personal reasons we have decided to place our Australian Pty Ltd Company on the global market for sale including its future intellectual property.

We are selling 100% of our Australian special purposes International TV, Film and Music Production Company which has been going for around 9 years and has not had any requirements for tax return lodgments.

We are selling the Australian Pty Ltd Company without any financials, books or tax returns this is why the sale price is so cheap!

The company was previously valued at AUD $205 Million Dollars.

So in a nutshell we will sell 100%, of the company as this is not a joint venture, it`s a straight out sale!

Our focus is on our world peace project which is the largest world peace and humanitarian project on the planet involving 200 countries, this is not part of the sale as this is a separate project!

The Deal Offered:

The sale price is: USD $75 Million Dollars

The Purchaser Gets:

The Deal

1. They own 100% of the Australian Pty Ltd Company One World Music Film and TV Pty Ltd A Film, TV and Music Company going since 2009 and had been valued at AUD $ 205 Million Dollars.

2. 100% ownership of the new International Reality TV Series titled Millionaires and Glamours.

3. The registration of all website domains, Realty TV Business Registration (Millionaire and Glamours - Reality TV) and any email addresses will be transferred to the new owners.

4. As part of the deal we will set up a state of the art Production office at our cost where the new TV Series can be run from, we will pay for the complete and total set up but all rent and staff after completion is at the new owners full responsibility and cost.

5. We can also arrange the team to produce the up and coming new series Internationally but this will be set up on behalf of the new owners but at their cost as we will own nothing they will own 100% of everthing.

6. This purchase also gives a foreign buyer a door into Australia as the sole shareholder of an existing Australian Pty Ltd Company and the possibility to become an Australian Citizen if they are eligible, however we cannot guarantee this as we are not involved with immigration procedures and this is NOT subject to the sale!

Contact should made to Kerry the companies In house corporate counsel.

We are happy to meet in person however any requirement for our group to travel overseas is open for discussion however, all flights, accomodation and expenses will be at the liability of the potential purchaser, this is NOT negotiable!

Alternatively If you are not located in Australia we can also face to face Skype!