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Australian Company & TV Series

USD 75000000

For Sale

'Aus Company and TV Series'



New Zealand



First time ever Advertised!

Australian Pty Ltd Company and International TV Series for sale!

We would consider the full equivalent trade amount in Bitcoin Currency or alternatively an amount in Euros and balance in Bitcoin!

For personal reasons we have decided to place our Australian Pty Ltd Company and our International TV Series on the global market for sale.

We are happy to explain to you once we have established 100% that you are a genuine purchaser the reasons why we have decided to take this path.

We are selling 100% of our Australian special purposes International TV, Film and Music Production Company which has been going for around 8 years and has not had any requirements for tax return lodgments.

We are selling the Australian Pty Ltd Company without any financials, books or tax returns this is why the sale price is so cheap!

The company was valued in December 2014
for AUD $205 Mil and the reason this valuation was obtained was because it was due to a request made by a Supreme Court Judge as we were suing a TV Network for money owed to us this is the only reason why the valuation was required.

The main part of the sale and where the money will be made is as a result of this new International TV Series as outlined below as the company is merely the vehicle.

As part of this deal we are offering 100%
ownership and the intellectual property of
our new International TV Series titled Millionaires and Glamour`s which we estimate once
distributed into100 countries per 13 week
series to gross around USD 200 mil but also keep in mind that this return is only calculated on one series, of course this does not stop additional productions occurring each year and increasing the
return, similar to tv shows like the bachelor!

So in a nutshell we will sell the lot and the
purchaser will own 100%, as this is not a joint venture, it`s a straight out sale!

Our focus is on our world peace project titled `if we can dream` the website is: ifwecandrean for your perusal as this is the largest world peace and humanitarian project on the planet involving 200 countries however this is not part of the sale as this is a separate two billion dollar project!

Just log onto the site and once you enter the complete site link go to the top right hand tab titled `project overview.

Just view the complete content as this site will also help explain more about our group.

As the director is also an International Recording Artist he is recording an new album with International Record Producer Peter Blyton in Europe so these two projects are our focus!

If the purchaser doesn`t know how to run the International TV Series then we can also arrange the right team to do it all on your behalf, however this will be by way of a separate arrangement between the parties we will have no personal involvement.

The Deal Offered:

The non negotiable sale price is: US 75,000,000.00 Payable to us!

The Purchaser Gets:

1. The purchaser get 100% ownership of an existing and debt free Australian Pty Ltd Company valued in December 2014 for AUD $205 Mil.

No equipment, royalties or offices included

2. The purchaser also gets 100% ownership of The International Millionaire and Glamour`s TV Series estimated to gross USD $200 mil just in its first
13 week (1 hour per series).

Other series can be continued on a yearly basis which will double if not triple this amount.

The purchaser will own 100% of the Intellectual Property.

We will not maintain any interest or any royalties.

3. Within 30 days from receipt of the full purchase price being paid we will supply the final tv script.

Upon the sale as part of this deal we will also supply the full ownership documentation, transfers and all login and domain / website details and transfer of ownership so the purchaser owns and control
100% of the International TV Series as well as the Australian Pty Ltd Company.

4. This purchase also gives a foreign buyer the door into Australia as the sole shareholder of an existing Australian Pty Ltd Company and the possibility to become an Australian Citizen if they are eligible, however we cannot guarantee this as we are not involved with immigration procedures and this is NOT subject to the sale!

We will free of any fee arrange a production company to run the TV Series Internationally from start to finish if required, however any arrangement for doing so will be made between the purchaser and them as we will have no financial interest whatsoever.

Contact should made to Kerry .

We are happy to meet in person however any requirement for our group to travel overseas is open for discussion however, all flights, accomodation and expenses will be at the liability of the potential purchaser, this is NOT negotiable!



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