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Distribution: Frozen Fruit and Veg

USD 69000

For Sale

'Foodservice to Hotels'






Harvestime is a supplier of snap frozen berries, tropical fruit, fruit purees and specialty frozen vegetables. The majority of frozen varieties are consumed in the Food Service as well as Food Manufacturing
sectors in the making of jams, desserts and dessert sauces, relishes,
bakery cakes and muffins , dairy
yoghurts, ice cream, gelato, smoothies, etc. Our frozen fruit products are ultimately purchased by hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs, canteens, caterers, hospitals, schools, food manufacturers, bakeries as well
as the retail/wholesale sectors.
We are looking to issue an exclusive
licence to an individual or company to
establish a smaller, start up operation
that would be a similar business to
that of Harvestime Australia to be located in Fiji and will supply to potential customers throughout the country and outer holiday islands. The intention
is to offer the full range of Harvestime
products to Hotels hospitality , Foodservice, Manufacturing and Retail sectors. Living and working in Fiji allows for a unique opportunity to blend lifestyle and work whilst supplying to the substantial Fijian foodservice industry which include all key hotels and other food industries that support tourism and the local population.
The intended entity will trade as
Harvestime Fiji and will substantially clone the business model utilised by Harvestime
This will result in this new entity
enjoying the successes already realised by Harvestime Australia.
The market in Fiji for Harvestime`s products and its related brands is substantial and would suggest that revenue can rapidly grow based on existing sales trends. It is expected that Harvestime Fiji will be packing and distributing sales orders and further capitalise on
existing enquiries already developed
by Harvestime Australia.
There are a total of 12 Harvestime
locations which operate in 7
Should you be interested in joining a
long establish, growing and global
brand, please contact us for further



Foodservice to Hotels business fiji