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Guesthouse, Deli, Cafe, Bar.

THB 1750000

For Sale



Hua Hin



Guesthouse, Deli, Cafe, Bar. All under
One Roof.

Yes Route 88 is up for SALE!!!!!!

Although It took us 7 months to
convert this place to what it is now,
spending well over 2 mil Baht and
finally got it open with some
difficulties finding Staff etc. We are
not selling because it is not working
on the contrary, it has been well
accepted by the local Community and
Expats and sales are on the up. With
more or proper PR and
Advertising/Flyers etc it can only get
The Reason I am selling is, I have
been offered my old Partnership Back
in the UAE where I had a Company
before I came to Thailand 9 years ago
its an offer I cant refuse and return to
Dubai again.

Ok back to Route 88 Deli/Cafe, There
is so much more potential here to
really put this place on the map for its
products Service, Bar, Cafe,
Guesthouse, rooms etc. I am not
going to bore you now with what can
be done and what we are doing now
in full would take to long.

We have 4 Large and newly furnished
rooms by just renting one room per
month to vacationers will cover the
very low 20k baht rent per month.
You could rent all 4 Long Term and
get an Approx monthly Income of
26,000bt +

6000bt per month for the 2 Rear
Rooms each and 7 to 7,500bt a month
each for 2 facing front with Balconies.
Many ways of doing it rent 2 long
term and 2 just for Holiday rental at
600bt to 750bt a day.
Normal Electric and Water Rates.