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Marble quary for sale.

USD 6000000

For Sale

'marble quarry'







quarry for sale /marble
quarry sale/ This crema marfil
marble quarry that is for sale is not
only a safe investment, it will save
you money on your own construction

This crema marfil marble quarry
covers an area of 27,956 m² approx.
6.9 acres , is in full production and is
a profitable business. It`s for sale
family reasons.

The quarry has an exploitable land
volume of 1,247,660.00 cubic meters
or 3,368,682 tons, of which 21.4% is
marble quality crema marfil of the
best quality. Currently 87.5% is
exported to China and the Middle East
and the remaining 12.5% is sold in

The greatest advantage of this marble
quarry for an investor is the fact that
this quarry is freehold land and the
owner is a company, as opposed to
95% of the marble quarries in Spain
which are concessions from the
Government. This means that the new
owner can exploit the quarry to its
maximum capacity without having to
pay to the Government the annual fee
o levy per volume brought; which
means approximately 20% of its
gross annual turnover.

The total gross profit that the new
owner can get exceeds €60 million.
The asking price for this marble
quarry is € 6,092,995 euros. A really
attractive price.

It should be noted that imports of
crema marfil marble to Latin America
have progressively increased over the
last 3 years, more than any other type
of marble. And its demand will
continue to rise.

This crema marfil marble quarry
contains everything a savvy investor
is looking for.

For more information about this
unique business opportunity, please
contact Mr. Carlos Pérez.Newman
Aguilar and Newman Advisors at
carlos quarry for sale com or at +34