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Patented Drop Down Drawer

USD 650000

Investor Wanted

'Plastic Drop Down Drawer'





Will it Launch contacted me to advise
they wanted to sell our Patented
Rotator Pivot Hinge Drop Down
Drawer on DRTV in the US and Canada ,
in conjunction with the major
retailers selling our products in the
US and Canada to include Wal Mart
K Mart Sears Target. Their first
order after tests 100,000 units ,
then 300,000 units + . We also have
been contacted by a company in India
who want to sell our Drop Down
Drawer on DRTV throughout India.
We will build a website to sell our
products throughout the US/Canada , and
companies also who sell products
from their websites. We would also look to
license Amazon , Ikea and other
companies involved in selling
furniture products online globally.

I will forward a Video of our Patented
Rotator Pivot Hinge `Drop Down
Drawer/Cabinet Innovation`along
with all email corrospondence from
the company `Will it Launch` and the
company in India.


When the front section of the Drawer
which is above `HEAD LEVEL` and as
long as your arm can reach, is pulled
out, it drops down, to reveal multiple
shelves within, allowing all contents
to be instantly viewed and very easily

SAFETY ASPECT: Because the Drawer
is high , above `HEAD LEVEL` , little
hands would be unable to pull out
the drawers parents would use
the Drop Down Drawers for `
medicines poisons garden sharp
knives garage fluids Acid fluids
laundry products bathroom toilitries
batteries fish hooks etc.

Designers of caravans, motor homes , boats , ships , submarines , offices , schools ,
shops, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms , lounge rooms, police stations, buses , trains , aircraft , outer space aircraft,hospitals , doctors/nurses rooms,
library , where ever space is at a premium will want to present our innovation to all , as the `Drop Down Drawer` when dropped down has the ` WOW FACTOR ` .

Kind regards

Joe Costello


Innovations Global Pty Ltd

Ph. Australia 61432479820

skype killenard1

We would offer equity in exchange
for the funding required , and will
negotiate terms.