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Jaaz Portal 20% share in profi

Investor Wanted






The Jaaz company is offering up to
20% share in the profits from the
Jaaz Portal project. We need an
investment of 60 000 Euro to make
this project a reality.

While we already started some
developer works we need to find
investor to assure stable work of our
company and successful launch of
new project.

In exchange for investment we are
offering up to 20% share of the
profits that our project will make. It
will give average annual rate of return
on the level of 11.8%. No bank will
give you such a profit.

Thanks to our MicoInvest platform
everyone can become stakeholders in
our project. We are collecting pledges
of investment starting from as low as
100 Euro.

Do not wait for others, become Jaaz
Portal investor and take a share in
our future. Invest today.

For more information on our
company and the investment
opportunity please visit our site: