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Investor Wanted






Yemars ltd is a company located in
Cameroon with partners in Holland.
Main focus of Yemars ltd is on
Agriculture and accounting services.
Yemars ltd has a poultry farm at Beua
and the demand for the poultry meat
and Chicks is increasing more that we
expected and because of this, Yemars
ltd would like to have investors in
order to increase productivity to meet
the demand of this market. The teams
of employees in the poultry
department are expert with both
national and international knowledge
on Poultry farming. YEMARS poultry
farm has competitors, which are, the
local women and small cooperative
poultry farmers union and the
external competitors who are local
cattle meat sellers. Less than 22% of
these competitors have a good
technical know how of poultry
farming management. We are not
afraid of this percentage of
competitors because YEMARS ltd is
making up of good management
team who has put in place an advance
management skill from both local
universities and Nederland
The Government of Cameroon has
placed a ban on the importation of
chicken in to the country. The reason
behind the ban is to promote the
local poultry farmers since the
imported chicken has devastated the
local poultry business and the
government aim at promoting more
local poultry farmers and poultry
slaughter houses.
The per capital daily intake averages
of 24.6 grams protein is needed by
an average Cameroonian. To meet the
demand of this nutrient,
Cameroonians needs an additional
production of 0.5 million large
animals and 1.5 million small
animals, and 3.01 million birds per
year. For the past years, poultry
farming in Cameroon is kept as
backyard farming for household
needs by must Cameroonian although
there are some cooperative union
farms showing interest in this
industry. The cereal based diet in
Cameroon is deficient both in calories
and proteins. An average person in
Cameroon requires 70 grams of
protein per day and out of it, 27.4
grams comes from the animal source.
Amount of protein per 100g of
Chicken is 31g, which therefore
means that each Cameroonian needs
to consume 200g of animal meat per
day. Cameroon, like any other
developing countries, is facing
protein shortage.
The poultry industry in Cameroon has
high yield owing to the fact that
Cameroon temperature is suitable for
the rarely of Chicken, low cost of
heating, low capital input and chicken
consumption is acceptable by all
tribes in Cameroon with no cultural
barriers. As a result of good climate,
the risk of bird flu is less, and for
more security, the birds are often
vaccinated 3 times before they are
mature for distribution. On the other
hand, the local farmers registered low
yields because of lack of finance to
enhance the production efficiency.
YEMARS Poultry farming is aimed at
solving the problem of chicken
scarcity in Cameroon and CEMAC
Zone within 5 years. To solve this
problem of scarcity, we need
investors to invest in the industry
and to increase our sales. Before mid
2018, YEMARS chicken should break
even and start to be penetrating the
CEMAC Zone. contact us for more
information +31685543405 or send
us a mail.



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