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Stuff in Poland Sell in Germany

EUR 4000000

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I have an enterprise to sell: 100% or 50% shares. Industry: e commerce, industrial articles for small and large enterprises, natural persons, farmers, gardeners, do it yourself enthusiasts.
Annual turnover: EUR 2.5 million. Number of parcels: up to 800 pieces a day.
A maximum capacity of 1,500 2,200 parcels a day.
A branch office in Germany, headquarters in Poland by the Polish German border.
Payroll: 40 people in Poland, 1 person in Germany.
A huge asset: sales to German customers as a German business at a 19% VAT.
Goods prepared in Poland, shipped from Germany daily trips to Germany .
15 accounts at ebay.de, including 10 Top Bewertug powerseller accounts, 90,000 comments, a very good feedback score: 99.7% are positive ratings. Several thousand products offered.
A monthly ebay.de turnover of EUR 110,000.
We also sell through ebay.fr France , ebay the UK , ebay.it Italy , ebay.es Spain .
We are active on amazon.de Germany amazon the UK , amazon.fr France , amazon.it Italy , amazon.es Spain : a monthly turnover of EUR 35 40,000.
2 online shops in Germany: a monthly turnover of EUR 20,000.
Telephone/email selling Germany : EUR 15,000 monthly.
Sales in Poland: EUR 40,000 Allegro.pl, telephone selling, 2 online shops .
Worth of our goods in stock and equipment: EUR 250,000. Our hall and offices are rented in Poland.
Verified suppliers, rebates, terms of payment. Over 100,000 individual orders completed.
A EUR 60,000 line of credit granted.
A pool of permanent clients.
Goods imported from China, India, Bangladesh and#8211; verified Asian suppliers, auditing companies.
An IT structure: automatic processing of orders, proprietary solutions, automatic ordering of goods, etc.
A call center, a complaints department and#8211; in German/English/Polish, a graphic design department, a sales department, a logistics department, a procurement department, etc.
A pool of several thousand photographs, descriptions in German.
A youtube channel: instructional films, worth approx. EUR 10,000.
The enterprise has been audited and#8211; by the Tax Office in Germany no remarks , and by ZUS Social Insurance Institution and PIP National Labor Inspectorate in Poland.
Means of transport: worth EUR 50,000.
For sale are a sp. z o.o. limited liability company with a branch office in Germany, a limited partnership in Poland and a GmbH in Berlin.
A perfect solution for an import enterprise or a manufacturer. An immediate access to markets across the whole of Europe.
Price for the complete package: