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New Steam Coal Land For Investor

USD 25000000

Investor Wanted



Manokwari,west Papua



New land for coal mining in the area of Manokwari regency of West Papua province, Indonesia.

Estimated Reserves
Based on outcrop: 50,000,000 Mts

Area Block I: 30,000 ha.
Block II Area: 20,000 ha.
Mine the distance to the nearest port about 20 kilometers.

Coal sample specifications:

Total Moisture (ar): 2,60-3,9%
Inherent Moisture (adb): 7,09-9,1%
Ash (adb): 1,80-2,06%
Volatile Matter (adb): 45,20-48,30%
Fixed Carbon (adb): 47,20-49,30%
Total Shulfur (adb): 0,25-0,35%
Gross Calorie Value (adb): 7,391-8,109 Kcal / kg

The journey started from Jakarta goal Manokwari regency, West Papua Province. Then use the 4 WD vehicles from Manokwari District to Ransiki (Asphalt Road) and Mamei KM.68 (HPH Djajanti logbond road) with the travel time between 7-8 hours.

At this time all the way former timber quality still needs to be improved to serve the traffic from the coal trucks. The streets now diverted from the holders of concessions to local government.
Coal crops out in the position of the mountain with an altitude of 400 to 800 meters
above sea level.

Access roads to the location of the land vehicle road just is not paved or dirt road, approximately 5-7 km
from the beach.

For the serious coal mining investors and interested please contact me.
And I also have a gold mine,manganese ore,and iron ore needed for investment cooperation.

Jonny Lim
PT Samsara Eka Mandiri
Email: samsaraekamandiriat



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