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E-TRADE Center Megashop

EUR 2000000

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'on-line shop'






Megashop Ltd. is a retail company, registered in Bulgaria, trading in consumer goods. The overall process is done through the internet and is entirely related to online trading. Our prospective clients are in the target 18-and-over age group.
The increase in the number of internet users brought about an increase in the consumers’ ability to choose from a variety of certain goods which are otherwise inaccessible or highly priced on the regional and local markets. The looming demand and the possibility of establishing a new market niche in the area of online trading resulted in the foundation of Megashop Ltd. The company’s goals are invariably connected with the challenging idea of competing with other European e-shops and eventually becoming part of the international online trading system.
The advantages of Megashop to competitors are:
• Thematically divided into shops
• United shopping cart
• Unique code to identify vendors of products introduced
• Delivery in Sofia city within the same day when orders to 11:30
• Minimum payment of transportation services in Sofia city, regardless of weight and dimensions of the merchandise
• Contracts with over 100 supplier
• Quick order of client only with providing a telephone number
• Presented products in on-line stores - over 20 000 articles
• Ability to package the product as a gift to a third party persons
• Opportunity to purchase credit
• Paying with Mobile POS terminals
• Choice upon payment – credit or debit card, cash, lease payments, POS terminals
• Dedicated car park for the performing courier services in the performance of applications
• Warehouse for fast moving consumer goods
• Choice by the client of a courier company to better transport services - price, speed, quality
• Database with rogue customers – reduces service cost of false orders
• Megashop is well-known on the Bulgarian market



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