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USD 25000000

Investor Wanted

'Hotel & Lodge development'


Dares Salaam



Summary Information Memorandum
February 13, 2009
This Preliminary Information Memorandum (the “Memorandum”) has been prepared for Chariot Safaris (CS) investment opportunity,. The sole purpose of this Summary Memorandum is to provide preliminary information to potential investors, assisting them in determining whether to proceed with an independent analysis of this opportunity. This Memorandum shall not be reproduced, distributed or used for any other purpose.

The Transaction:
The Company is soliciting a capital raise of approximately $25 million dollars over the construction and start-up phases of the company. Minimum investment size considered is US $ 15 Million
Chariot Safaris (CS) will be facilitating the setting up of tour operations, procuring and building tourism related infrastructure such as hotel and lodges in various circuit throughout Tanzania. Currently, business, professional and government leaders, convention and other stakeholders in local tourism have expressed the need for developing the infrastructure and facilities in the region. Chariot Safaris will target the needs of the tourism industry with research that will be done in various parts of the world.

The Vision Statement of CS is to bring to the people internationally a renowned destination that will enrich their cultural, economic and social existence. [We] will provide pleasure to local and foreign travelers that will be celebrated in a beautiful, modern facility. Audiences from all over the world will be offered all the diversity, excitement and relaxation.

Investment Returns
This investment opportunity is projected to render, over the first five years of operations, an average 14.91% Return on Net Assets, an average 22.89% Return on Sales, and average Sales Growth of 18.25%.

Summary of the Project
Chariot Safaris will be a multipurpose, state-of-the-art, company with capabilities to adjust to different configurations to accommodate various types of tourist.

Strategic Opportunity
An investment in Chariot Safaris would enable a shareholder to capture the economic and strategic benefits of a well managed company in a high-growth segment of the tourism industry. Chariot Safaris provides a platform by which an investor could (a) enter this segment of the tourism industry, or (b) augment, diversify, or hedge existing holdings in the tourism or other interrelated industries. The advantages over other prospective strategic opportunities that Chariot Safaris offers are its strategic location within an attractive investment climate, a degree of product differentiation in a currently undeveloped market segment, and the expectations of a high-margin product and demand-driven growth.

Key Value Drivers
Several critical elements create the underlying value of Chariot Safaris investment opportunity, including factors that differentiate it from other prospective targets.

Investment Climate
Chariot Safari’s strategic positioning in Dar es Salaam Tanzania serves various beneficial functions. Tanzania is centrally located within the African continent with two international airports. Tanzania has been famed the paradise of the Southern Hemisphere because of its stable democracy and peaceful business and political climate. In recent years, the country has experienced steady improvement in its infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications and significance of foreign investment. Tanzania is an active member of the World Trade Organization.

Tanzania also enjoys a 60% literacy rate and competitive wage rates compared to those of highly developed countries. The population is also known for its computer literacy and English language skills and tourist guides are well trained to speak various European languages.

The government has created laws to encourage foreign investment, such as those that protect the rights of corporations to have full ownership and control of their assets and property. Further assisting corporate activity in Tanzania is the privacy of banking laws allowing companies to repatriate funds without restrictions.

Currently, tourism is the second-largest contributor to the country s GDP. Other important industries include mining food processing, agriculture, construction.

Product Differentiation
Tanzania is an attractive business location due to the lack of current industry competition. The government is interested in the success of this project due to the tax revenues, employment, and general tourist and economic activity in downstream industries that this project would generate for the country.

Chariot Safaris will provide a critical level of differentiation over its competitors in terms of products offered. This enterprise can provide versatility to its clients as well as the types of events serviced, the quality level of its products, and the market segment targeted for each sector. The Managing Director Rajiv Sualy has accomplished international site visits and has assembled a professional team of architects, engineers and consultants. His efforts ensure that the company will offer world-class facility with a differentiated product from that which is currently offered in the market. CS will be marketed as one of class and sophistication through the quality of its architecture, construction. CS will prove to be one that will call for return business from business associates. The marketing of CS will consist of aggressive efforts internationally.

As globalization has exponentially expanded without precedent in recent years, it is expected that the market timing of this new product will significantly provide advantage to CS marketing and promotion efforts. As prejudice barriers continue to dissolve in Africa, and this is expected to increase the CS’s customer base and improve cost efficiencies in the marketing and operations of the Company.

High Margin Product
The expected operating profit margin for CS averages 40.84% over the first eight years of operations.

Demand-Driven Growth
In recent years, Tanzania has experienced a substantial increase in interest in its tourism activity, due to its amplified image as a safe, peaceful, beautiful and exotic destination. Based on a study by the TTB (Tanzania Tourist Board), between 2004 and 2008 the quantity of tourists arriving by air to Tanzania grew from 435,037 to 750,000. This represents an average annual growth rate of 3.4%. This quantity, both in absolute and percentage terms, will increase once Chariot Safaris is established. In addition, according to the TTB, approximately 1 million people from the United States are interested in visiting Tanzania in the near future. In 2007/8, ?% of all tourists came from the U.S. Based on these figures, we can interpret that over 11 million tourists from other countries besides the U.S. are interested in visiting Tanzania in the coming years. This figure, although only an estimate, proves very material for estimating the CS s potential international clientele.

Note: Not included in this summary are the following documents. These would be made available to the investors once the NDA, MoU, and other documents are signed.

1) Complete Business Plan
2) Financial Plan
3) Comprehensive Marketing Plan
4) Contact Information about an American Investor.






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